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Cloud computing for better performance and greater flexibility 

Simply put, cloud computing is the provision of computer services over the Internet. Cloud computing is an effective way to help increase the capacities of your entire corporate IT and thus reduce costs and administrative work to a minimum. Whether public, private or hybrid cloud, MTF supports its customers with everything from transitioning to the operation of modern cloud platforms.

Your Advantages 

  • You buy and pay for only what you actually need
  • Flexible and fast expansion without investment
  • MTF private cloud, public cloud or a hybrid cloud with MTF as a partner
  • Replication of all IT individual environments possible
  • Geographically independent working at any time, wherever you may be
  • Systems and software are always up to date

Unified Cloud Computing with MTF 

MTF offers professional cloud computing for SMEs and corporations. Swiss quality and reliability in the cloud for more than 15 years. MTF’s cloud services meet every possible cloud-related need. Whether you want Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service or Software as a Service, MTF has a solution for every cloud model, no matter whether it is operated in MTF’s private cloud or in a hybrid or public cloud.

Our cloud experts are available at all times to provide personal advice and assistance with migration and operation.

Service models in the cloud 

Most cloud computing services fall into one of three basic categories: IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service) and SaaS (Software as a Service). Because these categories build on one another, they are also referred to as the cloud computing stack.

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

Virtualized hardware resources like computers, networks and storage media are set up at the data center and provided to the customer via the cloud. The customer therefore only needs minimal IT infrastructure on site. Applications and capacities are freely selectable and can be constantly adapted to meet current needs.

PaaS (Platform as a Service)

Cloud computing with full access to a programming or runtime environment with flexible, dynamically adaptable computing and data capacities.

SaaS (Software as a Service)

The customer has access to a specific collection of software and defined applications that run in the cloud and accessed over the Internet.

Deliverable cloud computing models private cloud, public cloud and hybrid cloud 

Several forms of cloud computing are available.

Public cloud

A large number of users share a specific infrastructure made available by a public cloud provider. Mostly a cheap option. Simultaneous access by many users leads to performance bottlenecks. Security not very high due to low separation. The services run in the cloud somewhere around the globe. Standard packages with little to no adaptability to personal requirements.

Private cloud

In a private cloud, every customer leases a completely separate area that contains resources (computing power, storage space, network capacity, etc.) reserved exclusively for the customer at an MTF data center in Switzerland. The infrastructure is maintained and operated by MTF. There are no dips in performance due to other users, but there is the highest possible security and perfect adaptation to customer requirements.

Hybrid cloud

A hybrid cloud is a mixture of a public and a private cloud.

A comprehensive portfolio 

Our own Swiss private cloud

MTF offers an innovative, scalable integrated solution that adapts perfectly to the needs of your corporate IT, making it an effective solution for cost-effective tailored corporate cloud computing.

  • Own Business Cloud data center
  • Completely redundant and highly secure in Switzerland
  • Seamless integration of hybrid and public clouds
  • A complete solution, from IaaS and PaaS to SaaS

Cloud consulting and advice

Benefit from the comprehensive know-how of our cloud experts and their many years of experience, no matter whether you want to outsource just a single service or your complete infrastructure to the cloud or a hybrid cloud.

  • Cloud consulting and advice
  • Project management
  • Integration & migration
  • Operational support

Managed cloud services

Our managed cloud services are an all-round worry-free package for your entire corporate IT. Here, MTF maintains every aspect of your cloud, ensuring permanent availability.

  • All from a single provider
  • Industry independent and flexible
  • No matter whether public or private cloud
  • Flat-rate offers at fixed prices



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