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A uniformcloud-ecosystem

Thanks to our unified cloud services, your IT infrastructure is no longer located on your local computer or at your company data center, but at our high-security data centers in Switzerland. Where required, local infrastructure or even a public cloud service can be integrated seamlessly into our unified ecosystem. The services are installed and operated by us and made available to you dynamically and in accordance with your needs via a network. We have several redundant high-performance data centers at different locations in Switzerland.

Your advantages

  • Data centers in Switzerland
  • Two completely identical data centers for complete redundancy of all services
  • Tier 4 architecture
  • Certified and offering the highest security
  • Several Internet access nodes
  • Seamless integration of hybrid and public clouds


Our highly available (stretched) cluster strategy ensures that your data is stored at two identical, completely redundant data centers. In the event of a breakdown at one of the data centers, your cloud environment can be operated at the other data center. Real-time data synchronization guarantees that your data are always located on two data centers simultaneously. A third data center is used for additional backup. The large distance between the data centers guarantees geographic redundancy and provides extremely high data security, even in the event of widespread impacts like natural disasters.

Our completely redundant data centers are located in Switzerland and designed specifically for high availability and security.


The MTF Business Cloud offers a multitude of security functions. Many of these are already included in the basic package and automatically activated. The security features are permanently active and react automatically to threats. MTF also continually and proactively monitors the security situation. In the event of a threat, our central cloud security team contacts the end customer and notifies him about the measures being taken. The included security packages already provide a high level of security protection. We also offer additional premium modules for customers with greater security requirements. Because MTF’s solutions are cloud-based, SMEs can also now benefit from extended security functions.


Virtual Data Center

MTF Swiss Cloud operates what is known as a software defined data center (SDDC). This creates a uniform data center platform in which the services of the data center are no longer tied to special hardware. The entire infrastructure is virtualized and available as a service. The data center is therefore no longer defined by the hardware, but by the software. Computing, storage, network, security and availability services are bundled on virtual machines and made available as software.


SDDC comprises the following components:

  • Server virtualization
  • Software-defined storage (storage virtualization)
  • Software-defined security (security virtualization)
  • Software-defined network (network virtualization)
  • Management and automation


A stretched cluster

Two 100% identical data centers mirrored synchronously. Your data are always stored at two data centers.

Highest possible fault tolerance

Our data centers have tier 4 architecture.

Geographic redundancy

A third data center 40km away guarantees geographically redundant data storage

Certified data centers

Our security and quality are measured against international standards. Our data centers have received multiple certification (ISO27001, BSI certification under BS25999, FINMA-RS 08/7, ITIL V3, etc.).

Alarm-secured and monitored

Our data centers are monitored 24/7, both electronically and by on-site security personnel.

Multi-homed connectivity

As a separate autonomous system, our connection to the Internet is via several carriers, highly redundant and breakdown-secure.

A highly available power supply

N+1 generator backup, redundant UPS systems, guaranteed availability of 99.999%.


Electricity generated from renewable sources, carbon-neutral data centers.

A 24/7 climate-controlled environment

All our data centers are automatically regulated in accordance with the recommendations of the ASHRAE 2012 standards with regard to temperature and humidity and monitored 24/7.

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Beat Ammann
Chief Executive Officer
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