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In the SAP Business One test environment, all standard functions can be tested completely free of charge and without obligation. With the free demo access, a productive application is simulated so that real bookings can be made and, in particular, the business processes of your own company can be played through in order processing. In this way, you can test SAP Business One and see if it is a suitable solution. It is a practical solution if you want to simplify the operational processes of a company. With this solution you get a clear view of the company and absolute control over all processes. With just a few clicks you can access all important information. In this way, it is possible to respond to new developments on the market as quickly as possible and achieve reliable growth. It is very important for customers to be able to estimate the costs of the solution. Here we are happy to offer a free solution if such a solution is considered in the evaluation of a new ERP system. It only takes five minutes to provide all the information we need to make a fairly realistic SAP Business One cost estimate. The data will of course be treated strictly confidential and will not be passed on to third parties. We will then present the solution we have found to the customer on site, completely without obligation and free of charge.


With more than 25 years of experience in the ERP solution business, we are the optimal partner to find an excellent solution together with the customer. Our ERP sales team consists of former and still active ERP Senior Consultants, who can advise the customers optimally. You find out the most important requirements for the new ERP solution and develop a rough concept for the new solution together with the customer free of charge and without obligation. The free test environment allows customers to test SAP Business One and see if it is a suitable solution for them.


The solution is sold exclusively through SAP partners and is specially developed for small and medium-sized companies that have big plans. The solution tailored to the company offers a clear overview of the company and all its processes and procedures. This comprehensive, integrated solution offers clear advantages over a classical spreadsheet. As we are able to test SAP Business One completely free of charge and without obligation, the customer can optimally assess whether it is a suitable solution.


With our analysis, the customer can immediately estimate what expenses will be incurred with the new solution. The customer can then decide whether he wants to run the software in the cloud or on his own server. With both variants, the mobile SAP Business One app gives customers the freedom to access their data from anywhere. As the company grows, the solution can be easily adapted to the extended requirements. We are happy to assist our customers in the planning and consulting of the solution as well as in its introduction and implementation. It goes without saying that our customers also receive our full support in their day-to-day business. By adapting the solution to a wide variety of industries, the needs of individual customers can be optimally addressed.

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Ueli Tritten
CEO MTF Thörishaus AG / Member of the Board of Directors
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