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SAP Business Oneestimated cost

SAP Business One is the ideal solution when it comes to simplifying your operational processes. In this way it is possible to react more quickly to new developments on the market and to enable secure growth. If you are considering SAP Business One when evaluating a new ERP solution, you can request a free copy from us. Within just five minutes you can provide us with all the information we need to provide you with an initial fairly realistic cost estimate. Of course your data will be treated confidentially and never passed on. We will then be happy to present the solution found for you on site, completely without obligation and free of charge. With our SAP Business One cost estimation you can budget your project optimally.

your adventages

  • Many years of experience and a large customer base
  • Specially tailored offers for all kinds of industries
  • Swiss data centers for maximum security and discretion
  • 270 employees throughout Switzerland, providing first-class service
  • Environmentally friendly with electricity from renewable energy sources
  • With 13 Swiss offices always close to the customer
  • Innovative, state-of-the-art solutions


We have more than 25 years of experience in the ERP solution business, making us the ideal partner to work with you to find the right solution. Our ERP sales team consists of former or still active ERP senior consultants with many years of experience. Together with you they analyse your most important requirements for the new ERP solution and create a rough concept for the new ERP solution free of charge. Our SAP Business One cost estimate gives you a rough estimate so that you can estimate the costs in good time.

SAP Business Onetailored to your company

The solution, which is distributed exclusively through SAP partners, was specially tailored to smaller companies that have big plans. It gives you a clear view of the entire company and gives you full control over every process. With a few clicks you get access to all important information. The comprehensive, integrated solution offers you considerable advantages over a classical spreadsheet. With our SAP Business One cost estimation you can analyze without obligation how much you will cost these newly gained benefits. The solution offers you numerous useful functions in many areas such as finance and controlling, marketing, purchasing and sales, warehouse management and service management.

optimizedto your needs

With our SAP Business One cost estimate, you can immediately see how much you can expect to spend on the new solution. You can decide whether you want to run the software in the cloud or on your own server. Regardless of which variant you choose, the mobile SAP Business One app gives you access to your data from anywhere at any time. The solution can also be easily adapted to the new requirements as the company grows. You receive full support from us in planning and consulting the solution as well as during its introduction and implementation. Of course, we also support you with our daily business services. The solution has been designed and optimized for a wide variety of industries so that we can respond optimally to all the needs of our customers.

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Martin Fröhlich
Head of ERP Solutions / Member of the Executive Board
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