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The Cloud Solutions from MTF and Microsoft
by comparison 

MTF Swiss Cloud has been offering professional and highly secure cloud solutions to SMEs for over 10 years. Numerous domestic and foreign private and public cloud providers are active in the market, which supposedly provide similar cloud services. Microsoft offers the public cloud service "Microsoft Azure". However, the MTF Business Cloud and Microsoft Azure differ fundamentally. Make the direct comparison and find out why the MTF Business Cloud is the ideal solution for SMEs.

Cloud solutions with elementary differentiated 

The MTF Business Cloud and Microsoft Azure differ significantly in terms of security, availability, functions and service. The comparison shows the differences between cloud solutions with a focus on SME customers. (Survey from 1.10.2019).

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Why the MTF Business cloud is the optimal solution for kmu 

Real Private Cloud in Swiss Data Centers

The most important difference between Microsoft Azure and the MTF Business Cloud is the cloud delivery model. Microsoft Azure relies on the public cloud model, in which various resources such as applications (Software-as-a-Service, SaaS), complete computing platforms (Platform-as-a-Service, Paas) or IT infrastructure such as storage or servers (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) are made available to numerous customers simultaneously. In the MTF Business Cloud, on the other hand, the same delivery models are available in a private cloud environment that is operated in MTF's own Swiss data centers. This environment offers each customer their own virtual, completely isolated data center in which all functions are available only for them (e.g. their own firewall, VPN routers, isolated networks with security, backup system, storage disks and much more).

  • Highly secure private cloud with its own, isolated area per customer
  • Resources allocated per customer for optimal flexibility and performance
  • Data storage in Switzerland for maximum discretion and security
  • Mixed forms with hybrid cloud and public cloud also possible


Cloud infrastructure and managed cloud services from a single source

Microsoft Azure only offers the cloud infrastructure, i.e. the technical tools (e.g. cloud backup), but monitoring and responsibility lies with the customer or third party providers. In addition to the cloud infrastructure, MTF also offers managed cloud services with consulting, conception, implementation and operation as a complete solution from a single source.

  • Single Point of Contact for Cloud Infrastructure and Comprehensive Managed Cloud Services
  • Comprehensive proactive monitoring with intervention before damage can occur
  • Backup responsibility, monitoring and restore by our specialists
  • Customer-friendly, uninterrupted maintenance of the systems


Guaranteed high availability and maximum security

Azure does not provide high availability for virtual machines across multiple data centers (georedundancy). With the MTF Business Cloud, high availability (99.95%) for virtual machines including synchronous data mirroring across multiple georedundant data centers is included as standard.

  • High availability of 99.95% always included
  • Synchronous data mirroring across multiple georedundant data centers
  • Certified Data Centers according to ISO IEC 27001, DSGVO-compliant, Finma-compliant, and much more


Overall IT support with 9 offices in Switzerland and Liechtenstein

Our 170 employees provide you with personal and competent on-site support at 9 locations in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. With our single point of contact approach, our consulting specialists accompany you in your IT projects from client installation and network acquisitions to cloud and data centre solutions.

  • Complete IT offer from a single source (cloud and on-premise)
  • Fast on-site support through personal and competent contact persons
  • Manufacturer-independent consulting

Cloud specially developed for Swiss SMEs

The MTF Business Cloud was developed especially for the requirements of Swiss SMEs. With 15 years of cloud experience and over 1000 active customers from numerous industries, we know and understand your needs and speak your language.

  • Offer and functions specially designed for SMEs
  • Consulting and support by specialists with high SME know-how
  • Support for all industry solutions
  • Full integration of complex applications such as CAD, BIM, ERP, production facilities, etc.


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Chief Executive Officer