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Innovative workplace solutions enable open communication and optimal teamwork with the same security and performance as in the office - wherever you are. Increase your flexibility and productivity while increasing the attractiveness of your employees.


  • All data available everywhere
  • Full ENTERPRISE SECURITY and maximum performance on all devices
  • Seamless interaction of Private and PUblic Cloud
  • Full integration of Office 365
  • Data storage in georedundant data centers in Switzerland
  • Highest certifications (DSGVO, FINMA, ISO)


The complete portfolio for your Modern Workplace. Consulting, installation, service and operation both for cloud services and for your local IT from a single source.

modern workplace



PUBLIC and Private Cloud perfectly combined

With innovative solutions for modern workplace, our highly secure private cloud merges into a perfectly harmonious unit with popular public cloud services such as OneDrive and with your local end devices.

  • Documents can easily be moved back and forth between public and private clouds.
  • Despite high collaboration possibilities, business-critical data is securely stored in MTF's encrypted Swiss Private Cloud.

Full integration of Office 365 in the private cloud

With the full integration of Office 365 in the private cloud, you have your entire workstation with all office programs always and everywhere with no restrictions. Wherever you work, all Office 365 applications are automatically synchronized in the Private Cloud and the Public Cloud and are always up to date.

  • Work on the same files with multiple team members.
  • Work with OneDrive, Teams and SharePoint without restriction.
  • Easier teamwork and collaboration, even in large projects.
  • Ideal for mobile work and home office.

Cloud Desktop, the perfect solution for your digital workplace

With the Cloud Desktop, a minimal Internet connection is all you need to access your virtual desktop, applications and data from anywhere and with any device (notebook, computer, tablet, smartphone, zero client).

  • Always the same environment, security and performance on the road as in the office.
  • Minimal investment and low hardware and maintenance costs with transparent, fixed monthly costs.
  • Ideal for the most demanding multimedia, production and industry applications.

Maximum Flexible, highly secure Swiss private cloud

Our own, highly secure and powerful Swiss Private Cloud gives you the highest possible flexibility with unlimited possibilities, even for demanding industry applications, CAD, ERP, BIM and complex management applications.

  • No matter in which industry you are active, you can really run everything in the cloud with us.
  • Data storage and operation in highly secure, georedundant data centers in Switzerland.
  • State-of-the-art security standards with 99.95 percent guaranteed availability and SGVO conformity. Personal and competent contacts in Switzerland who speak your language.


The perfect mobile workplace

Premium convertible notebook with comprehensive enterprise features for on the go.


Ultra-bright, anti-glare touch display
1000-nit panel and ambient light sensors for optimal working even in sunlight.

Ultrathin, precision-machined full aluminum body
Beautiful, robust housing with high quality.

Extremely long battery life and fast charge
A full day of productivity and Fast Charge for ultra-fast battery charging.

Integrated electronic Sure View Gen2 privacy screen
Sure View protects from prying eyes at the touch of a button. The screen becomes unreadable to everyone around you while you have unrestricted viewing. There's also a manual shutter for the camera.

Hardware-assisted protection with automatic troubleshooting
HP Sure Start automatically restores the BIOS after malware attacks or damage.

Maximum security through three authentication factors
Login without password with Hello face face recognition with infrared camera, fingerprint sensor for login with fingerprint and conventional authentication with password/PIN.

Numerous practical collaboration features
Full-HD camera for realistic video conferencing, Bang & Olufsen sound system for crystal clear
Sound and speech output.

The High performance Premium Notebook

  • Enterprise features and highest security on the road
  • Integrated data protection functions of the latest generation
  • Configurable with the latest components
  • Optimal Desktop Integration with Thunderbolt and USB-C Docking Stations

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