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Our spam firewall is an effective method for protecting your company against spam and virus-infected e-mail. MTF’s filter system ensures that undesirable e-mail never reaches your inbox, but is rejected instead without impacting your IT system. This increases productivity at the workplace enormously. The system can also be installed in no time at all.

Your advantages

  • Personal, competent support with optimization and problems
  • Extremely high recognition rates for spam and viruses
  • An individually configurable spam filter class
  • All mail data is stored at MTF data centers in Switzerland
  • Fast and simple implementation

High-class protection against spam and virusesfor highest Internet security

Our personal support provides competent advice and ensures the fast and simple implementation of your firewall. Should any e-mail fail to arrive or you are missing something, our team of experts will gladly help in any situation free of charge.

Our worldwide network offers an extremely high detection rate for spam and viruses. The spam filter class can be configured individually by you. The extremely secure integrated spam-protection and firewall package leads to markedly lower e-mail traffic and significant cost-savings, especially for mobile end-use devices.

The firewall and antivirus software are constantly kept up to date by us. The entire filter system has a redundant configuration distributed across several data centers so that you are not negatively impacted by an outage in one of the components. And of course your mail data is stored at an MTF data center in Switzerland. Spam filtering outside your company offers additional Internet security. Far in excess of 10,000 active accounts currently benefit from MTF spam and virus protection.

In addition to our anti-spam and antivirus cluster, our 24/7 emergency response team offers assistance with anomalies at all times.


Admin panel for management

An optional admin panel for simple and clear management of possible spam.

No additional expense

Neither hardware nor infrastructure changes are needed on your premises. Mail is sent directly to you.

Centralized filters outside your network

No hardware or software is needed on site. Our filters operate independently of your system, thus further increasing security.

Backup queue support

E-mail is stored on our servers for up to 48 hours. In the event of a breakdown of the local mail server, e-mail is buffered and can be delivered at a later date.

Spam, phishing and virus filtering

We belong to global cloud anti-spam and anti-phishing networks. Potential dangers are detected and defended against very early on. The filters require no training.

DDOS attack protection

Our spam firewall protects your mail servers. Denial-of-service attacks are not possible.

Compatible with all systems

The filter works with all mail servers and all e-mail programs.

Official incoming and outgoing mail servers

Our official incoming and outgoing mail servers guarantee that your e-mail server does not end up on a blacklist.




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Rubén Saiz
CEO MTF Micomp AG / Member of the Board of Directors
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