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Secure communicationfor the entire institution

Data protection-compliant electronic communication with service providers and institutions with a HIN connection: The HIN mail gateway hosted by MTF offers a simple, secure solution for institutions. It enables secure communication with other HIN participants and offers simple scalability.

Your advantages

  • Automatically secure e-mail traffic to all HIN-connected e-mail addresses
  • Automatic encryption of all e-mail marked as confidential, irrespective of the recipient
  • Data protection-compliant communication via e-mail with patients and partners without a HIN connection.
  • Use of signatures to verify authenticity (sender verification) and integrity (checking for changes to content)
  • Integration of your own e-mail domain

HINmail gateway

Your institution’s entire e-mail traffic is channeled via the HIN mail gateway integrated into the existing network infrastructure. Your employees use their accustomed e-mail program as before. E-mail to other HIN participants is automatically encrypted. The HIN gateway can be used in conjunction with any mail server, no matter whether it is on premise or in the cloud. The HIN gateway can also be integrated into an Microsoft 365 Exchange environment.

E-mail to other HIN participants is automatically transferred encrypted. In addition, the “confidential” option can be used in an e-mail so that non-HIN participants can also download the e-mail securely via a portal.

HIN mail gateways guarantee secure communication between doctors, carers and even hospitals, with personal assistance from your MTF contact person.


No additional expense

Neither hardware nor infrastructure changes are needed on your premises.

Automatic encryption

E-mail is automatically sent out encrypted. The “confidential” option can also be activated for use with non-HIN participants, e.g. patients.

Seamless integration

The HIN gateway is integrated into the existing e-mail flow, thus guaranteeing that encryption takes place.

Server independent

The HIN gateway can be used in conjunction with both Hosted Exchange and local or POP3/IMAP accounts.

Your own domain

Your corporate e-mail domain can be activated for e-mail traffic encryption. As a result, you continue to communicate with your customers using the usual e-mail address.

Exclusive support

The MTF team of experts is available around the clock to help with problems.




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