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Solid state recovery solutionwith Veeam Cloud Connect

Veeam replication is a comprehensive solution for guaranteeing IT continuity, with which data, servers or even entire data centers can be backed up so that they can be restored again in the event of a natural disaster, user error or other events. Veeam Cloud Connect replication is useful for companies that can’t afford to either lose data or have problems with the availability of their applications and rely on having an uninterrupted IT environment.

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Your advantages

  • Flexible recovery time objectives (RTOs) lead to short downtimes and protection against damage by fire, water, etc.
  • Fast and simple restoration of data in the event of a breakdown in the infrastructure
  • A complete overview and control using the accustomed Veeam backup and replication console as an administrative tool
  • Exclusive round-the-clock support from the MTF team of experts to provide assistance with failover and failback scenarios
  • Partial and full failover possible. In the event of an outage, individual services or the entire IT infrastructure can be used from the disaster site at the touch of a button
  • Replication at two synchronously mirrored data centers guarantees the highest possible data security.


Store copies of VMs (virtual machines) externally at our data center – without the cost and complexity of building up and maintaining your own infrastructure. Veeam Cloud Connect offers a fully integrated, fast and secure opportunity for backups, replication and restoration to and/or from the cloud.

Veeam cloud replication not only makes disaster recovery child’s play. It also guarantees high availability.


Secure disaster data centers

Copies are stored at no fewer than two MTF data centers in your personal, isolated backup container.

End-to-end encryption

High-security transmission of backup data via SSL (AES 256), directly from endpoint to endpoint.

Complete monitoring of backups

Optional complete backup control by MTF. With this, you needn’t worry about anything any longer because we proactively monitor your backups.

Minimal bandwidth utilization

Thanks to incremental transfers and optimal WAN acceleration, small Internet bandwidth is sufficient.

Failover in just a few clicks

 You can switch to the failover side immediately in just a few clicks.

Complete transparence and control

Direct access via your own backup console to job monitoring, capacity utilization and the status of the backup memory in the cloud.

Optional backup encryption

Prevent third parties accessing your data with optional encryption of backups.


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